Club Paradise

Don't be a tourist


On a perfect Memorial Day weekend, a rare, sunny, hot, but not yet sweaty temperature marks the start of summer on the East Coast of the United States. Sea and lake destined boats and kayaks float on the roads between delicious, smoky barbecue aromas. Lawn mowers drone like giant bees in the distance, new lake reeds sway in the evening breeze to the tinkling of ice in cocktail glasses. As the season begins, future pleasures and past memories flirt in the hearts of vacationers.


Club Paradise is filmed on Cape Cod, a glacier formed peninsula paradise where Wampanoag peoples lived 7,000 years before Europeans arrived. Tourism is one of the world's largest industries surpassing that of oil exports, food products or automobiles, and on the Cape leisure is big business.

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links to work exhibited at other sites and shows:

IXª Biennale Internazionale Mail Art 2020, Club Paradise ‘Posted’ and ‘Sent’, mail art books with Rafael Gonzalez and Jeff Crouch

Posted, with Rafael Gonzalez 2018, mail collaboration, Club Paradise,

Sent, with Jeff Crouch 2018, mail collaboration, Club Paradise,

Blue Souvenir: memory and wampum, vacation and consciousness, cyanotype prints

Club Paradise: desire, vacation, redemption, 2films, 40years, graphic essay

Race the Sun 2019, video, Club Paradise,

Moon On Fire Meditation 2019, Club Paradise,


The vacation migration that swells the populations of Cape Cod and Islands is compared to early nomadic tribes led by their shaman on the tracks of game. Only now the game pursued is a state of mind, a workers’ consciousness, tolerant of capitalist slavery.


Surrounded by a burning world at war with itself, only vacation sites are conflict free. Here we encounter an on-call AI mixologist crafting custom memory enhancing drinks for vacationing workers. Rafael Gonzalez music and photographs. Destiny Foley.

In Welcome, the Cape island trader narrating the video discusses the seasonal economy of his island and armies of imported workers needed to service vacationers for three months every year. The trader, Trip Barnes, describes the results in the environment, community, housing problems (with his personal solution), and the political effects in his personal life. Photography, video, Martha's Vineyard.

HYANNIS360, 360 degree views, photographs of local area…click to go to the page.

HYANNIS360, 360 degree views, photographs of local area…click to go to the page.


Club Paradise explores vacation culture at the crossroads of capitalism and the future of human consciousness. Chapman, in collaboration with the internet artist Jeff Crouch, build different arrangements of meaning about the vacation.

In photography, design, print, mail collaboration, drawing and video, their works become fable and myth that question vacation industry propaganda. They consider the deeper meaning of time off, vacation fiction and fantasy, the selling of nostalgia, the marketing of adventure absent in workers controlled lives, colonization of vacation areas, worker migration, and the use of memory and consciousness to control workers' minds. The vacation industry can be viewed as a means of dividing the empires' peoples, hastening environmental damage, the extinction of species, the growth of refugees, migrants, and terrorism.


Moon on Fire Meditation 00:37, filmed 01/2019 Super Blood Wolf Moon, Jeff Crouch image and music

Race the Sun Contemplation, 00:52, Jeff Crouch music

A round-trip ticket flight from New York to London robs the Arctic of three square meters of ice. Vacation demands fossil fuel, traffic, horrendous service problems and abuses that destroy environment.

Nomadic shamanic ritual is proposed instead of hedonistic down time. At this precarious moment in the planet's history, it is crucial to create paradise at home. Conserving resources, an austerity consciousness, mindfulness of the interconnectedness of all beings, holding the idea of anima mundi as our relationship to the world must be cultivated, communicated, and taught. A shamanic dream state, deep awareness, and connection to the rhythm of nature needs to occur. 

“Therefore, we may consequently state that: this world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence ... a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related.” Plato

Here, BoneTree decorated by tourists, Cape Cod.


Tears In The Night, 01:33, Jeff Crouch music

Club Paradise: don't be a tourist 2019... memory, marketing, propaganda...vacation industry uses memory to make you your real you. Blaine Reininger music, Destany Foley.

Last Exit, 00:46. Last Exit remixes poetry dialogue with images from the bleak, noir film Club Paradise. The 1945 Club Paradise begins and ends with gunshot murder and was released the same year the US bombed Hiroshima. Last Exit becomes a romantic vacation advertisement that comments on perception and storytelling. With Jeff Crouch music.

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Blue Souvenir: memory and wampum, vacation and consciousness. Cyanotype print, originally called a 'blueprint,' was used by builders for drawing plans. A souvenir is a memory aide that reminds you of a wonderful experience. The designs of Blue Souvenir remind you that the vacation industry has a blueprint for your consciousness. Here: Anima Mundi Mandala

…detail from graphic essay Club Paradise: desire, vacation, redemption, 2films, 40years.