Chapman, born in San Francisco, California is currently based in Massachusetts. Her work has been exhibited locally and abroad, and her experimental videos, works on paper and text have been published in many e-magazines online. Parsons School of Design.


Timespecific - London International Art Fair 2021 video collaboration

Cotuit Center for the Arts - 5/9-6/19 - Selected Video 2009-2019

Word for Word - July - In My Dream of You, PreDawn video + DragonBones works on paper 

Atticus Review - August - White Yang video

Utsanga - June - Love Electronique video



SELECTED: Die Leere Mitte (Berlin), Timespecific (New York), (New York), Immemory online exhibit, Mitte Media Festival (Berlin), Hamburg Primal Uproar, DotsWaves TV (London), Studio44 Film Festival (Stockholm), Magmart Film Festival (Italy), Mogliano Veneto Asemic Exhibit (Italy), IX Biennale Internazionale Mail Art (Italy), Compostxt, UnlikelyStories, Utsanga, Otoliths, Moving Poems, Interalia Magazine, New Post Literate, Arteidolia, Sein Und Werden, Zoomoozophone, Slowforward.





Arteidolia Interview, video,


Love Fugitif, video, @Die Leere Mitte


In A Word, watercolor, @Otoliths


The Art Book Letters 2020, collage mail collaboration w/Jeff Crouch, @Otoliths


Drone Drama: Music for the Dead Chapter 11 @Timespecific


Corona WinterLetters2021: waiting4for the vaccine, drawing, @Otoliths and in print


Radius Shutdown, video, – video marathon 12/31/2020 and 01/01/2021


Tomorrow Is Forever, video, @Arteidolia


Whisper Aquamarine and Tomorrow is Forever video in process @Timespecific–a-living-video-archive-


Rattlings, video @Compostxt


XFiles, drawing @Compostxt Rattlings @Compostxt


Video segment for Timespecific collaboration with Central Booking New York. Choreography in Time And Space and Visual Memories

Radius Shutdown 2020, video, Shortlist Diane Pernet ASVOFF Lockdown Film. @Swifts &Slows @SlowForward @NewMediaFest2020  and @Network Artists Database and @Immemory

Dear Robot, video, Studio 44 @Slipvillan, Stockholm, Sweden

In My Dream of You 2020, stills and video, and and


Nippe, Nippe: a Report 2020, drawing, Internazionale Mail Art, Italy, Club Paradise mail collaboration books,


Existential Vaccum 2017, video,

In the Dark 2020, watercolor,


Summermail Confidential 2020 White Yang &other Apocalyptic Tales, drawing,

Vispo collaboration, and in print

Fox Mail (post thief or fox post?) drawing,

I Put a Spell On You, postcard drawings,

DRONE DRAMA: Music for the Dead, video, live performance, Acud Macht Neu, Berlin

Drawing the Line 2020, watercolor,

Plague Postcards 2020, varied media,

Asemic Exhibit, drawing, 06/6 – 21, Mogliano Veneto, Italy

Confidential Summer Agency and In Memoriam from Summermail2020, drawing,

Club Paradise: don’t be a tourist multi-media project 2017-2019,

Dear Friend 2020, video,

SummerMail2020 and The Formula &other Slaughter, with Jeff Crouch, drawing, and If the dog doesn’t bark don’t bite it 2020, drawing both in print

Live Host Insideout 2020, drawing,

A Prayer for Fog 2020, polaroid poetry w/ Jeff Crouch

Cut &Paste Poets, collage,

Meta-physical Midnight 2020, drawing,


The Moon Beneath Her Feet 2020, video,

Heaven &Earth Unraveling and Cryptic Cipher 2020, drawing,


House of Miracles: chants &chance 2020, drawing,


Evoking 2020, video and and


3asemicscapes 2019, drawing included in Utsanga anthology, curator Francesco Aprile asemic essay

Record From The Skull 2020 at Arteidolia, drawing, essay, video,

Bleeding Between the Lines: capitalism, news, propaganda 2020, drawing, and in print

Nippe, Nippe: a report 2020 at Otoliths, drawing, in print


I Have Collected All the Writings of the Empire and Burnt Those Which Were of No Use, Stations of the Cross, Chapter 2, 2018, video,

WatchFiends 2020, 3 videos,

Night Order of Things 2020, drawing,





Nippe, nippe: a report from the land of the peoples of the first light whose language and lands were stolen 2020, drawing,

Trouble in Club Paradise 2019, polaroid,

Asemic drawings 2019 with Jeff Crouch,

Tears in the Night 2019, video,

On Buckskin Path: What the Cyborg Found 2019, drawing,


Semiotic-Pareidoliapophenia 2019, drawing, and in print 

Dear Robot 2018, An Ordinary Day Film Festival, Studio44, Stockholm, August 13 – 18 2019,

Space Station Poems 2019, with Jeff Crouch, digital design, https://exp–

Space Station Prints 2019, with Jeff Crouch, digital design,

Heaven of Zero 2019 with Jeff Crouch 2019, video,

Magic Alibi 2019, drawing,

Wampum &Memory, Vacation &Consciousness 2018, drawing,

Robots Don’t Need Stories 2019, poetry,, final issue #17

Club Paradise: desire, vacation, redemption, 2 films, 40 years 2019, graphic essay, and in print

Race the Sun, Club Paradise 2019, with two Drone Drama chapters 2016, video,


Moon On Fire Meditation, Club Paradise 2019, video,

Moving Poems, five videos 2009-2019,

Blue Souvenir: memory and wampum, vacation and consciousness, Club Paradise 2019, cyanotype, and in print

Sent 2019, with Jeff Crouch, essay, mail collaboration,

Club Paradise Mandala 2019, cyanotype,