Club Paradise: don't be a tourist. 2019. Vacation culture, consciousness and capitalism. 7x70 in.

BoomBoom Room 2015. Testing viewers to perceive sound visually. 7×60 in., to view go to

The Image Vanishes 2015 considers democracy, propaganda and synchronicity in two films produced 75 years apart, The Lady Vanishes 1938 and The Interview 2014. By juxtaposing similar stills with lines from the ancient divinatory I Ching text, the culture industry is examined as a tool of political control by offering the ‘freedom to choose what is always the same."  7×70 in., to view go to

Electric Landscape: Ley Lines, Vile Vortices 2014, investigates six sites of ancient, mysterious earth energies. 7x70 in. Ink, collage, paint, digital.

Page Two 2014, exhibited in 'SPY', from the exhibit "Graham Greene: The Man Within", curated by Alexander Limarev and Anna Tsepkova at Novosibirsk University, Siberia, November 2014.  7×40 in., to view go to

Apprehension 2015. Four political prisoners at large. Text Mark Young.  7x40 in.,


Bandit Queen 2016. A biographic poem of the revolutionary bandolera whose life and exploits became the inspiration for the pulp fiction hero, Zorro. Folded or not. 7×30 in.,


Mapache: He Who Watches, and Why the Lone Ranger Stole Tonto’s Mask 2015. Raccoon life.


RBeast 2016, photography.


Deadmans 2014, Northern California noir, surf, flash graphic fiction.


Dragon Seed 2014. A mystery story. Unique folding book 7x20 in.


Target Practice 2014. Because violence is like shooting a feather. Unique folding book. 7x20 in.


Haiku Blue 2014. Visual paintchip poems.


The Conservator 2014, short speculative fiction, Bill Olver Editor.


Pool#4 2014, short speculative fiction!black-chaos/clc2


Monkey Business 2013, short fiction!apeshit/c1m3f


Evidence of Things Not Seen 2012, short fiction


Not For Long 2012, short fiction!big-pulp-fall-2012/c1n61


Wild Fire 2010, short fiction


What They Never Tell You 2010, short fiction


Savage Rip 2008, short fiction


Evie’s Red Hair 2008, short fiction


Black Pearls 2008. short fiction


Diablo Winds 2006, flash graphic fiction,


Wild Goose Valley 2006, flash graphic fiction,


Wicked, Wicked Moon 2006, flash graphic fiction,


BeachRocks 2005, graphic fiction, 


ManHunt 2005, flash graphic fiction,


White Widow 2005, flash graphic fiction,


Femme Fatale 2005, flash graphic fiction,



Adventuress 2004, photographic stories on the journey, from the road. “I was very moved by your publication which is so beautiful,” RE/Search publisher V. Vale about Adventuress. “eye candy, good stuff like that,” Unlikelystories editor Jonathan Penton about Dive!Afrique and La Dama Says Yes. “We really enjoy your work, particularly the way you integrate images into your text, and felt Beachrocks was a great fit for our inaugural issue…” Enfuego editor Noelani Price.