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Cotuit Center for the Arts 5/9-6/19 Selected Video 2009-2019

Love Electronique,



Aurelie's TV Film Festival, Vital Spaces, 6/20 Santa Fe NM



Timespecific collaborative film 'Choreography In Time And Space' at The Line Contemporary Art Space, London International Art Fair 


Distant Place, Sein Und Werden,

Love Fugitif, Die Leere Mitte

Radius Shutdown,

Timespecific, Choreography in Time And Space and Visual Memories

Drone Drama: Music for the Dead Chapter 11, Timespecific


Tomorrow Is Forever, Arteidolia


Whisper Aquamarine and Tomorrow is Forever video in process Timespecific–a-living-video-archive-


Radius Shutdown, – video marathon 12/31/2020 and 01/01/2021


Rattlings, Compostxt





Video segment for Timespecific collaboration with Central Booking New York. Choreography in Time And Space and Visual Memories

Dear Robot, Art Gallery Studio 44, Slipvillan, Stockholm, Sweden

In My Dream of You 2020, stills and video: 

Drone Drama: Music for the Dead, August Acud Macht Neu Berlin 


I Have Collected All the Writings of the Empire and Burnt Those Which Were of No Use, Stations of the Cross, Chapter 2, 2018

Dear Friend 2020, a mail art performance,

3 videos from Club Paradise 2019, Last Exit, Club Paradise, Cabo Peligro





series with Jeff Crouch examines challenges humanity faces…

Hey Marty,

Dragonfly Winter,

White Yang,

Radius Shutdown:

The Moon Beneath Her Feet,

Renounce the Trolley Problem,


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