Drone Drama: Music for the Dead 2016-2017 is an eleven chapter video filmed on the San Francisco Peninsula. The video is based on the album by Berlin based American composer Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt. It investigates the tensions between local culture and the military defense contracted high-tech, software, and internet companies of Silicon Valley.

DRONE DRAMA VIDEO and chapters @YouTube.

Chapter 1. ‘I love watching the movement of your limbs when they tremble from the wind’s gentle caress.’ Filmed on the full moon summer solstice four hundred miles away from Aliso Canyon gas storage that was leaking a methane plume visible from space into the air for four months in 2016. It was one of the worst unreported environmental disasters in U.S. history.

Chapter 2. ‘Things that never die have never lived.’ Found online war video and war explosions posted as entertainment.

Chapter 3. ‘Music for the Dead’ examines domestic violence and it’s connection to collective anger.

Chapter 4. Offerings of the Oracle examines two repositories of knowledge and prediction in split screen. An online psychic-oracle, descendent of transgender shaman who used mask, costume, mood, and herbs to find answers within and in nature for the survival of tribe. And Oracle software corporation, a militarized knowledge editor named after it’s first CIA contract, their headquarters, salt pond and Oracle Team USA American Cup Challenger. ​

Chapter 5. ‘People build fences to keep people out and other people build fences to keep people in,’ presents the ‘surveillance eye,’ by drone at the coast near Pedro Rock where the US government patrols for foreign invasion, and by design of San Francisco Alcatraz prison, to keep prisoners imprisoned.

Chapter 6. ‘If you are not a fish, how can you tell if the fish are happy?’ Addressing the dilemma of knowledge at the precipice of nuclear and environmental disaster, in the age of drones, Chapter 6 considers the relevance of ancient dialogue of knowledge to contemporary digital information practice. It Filmed Asian Gardens, San Francisco.

Chapter 7. ‘Only the Sufferers Know How their Bellies Ache.’  San Francisco early March 2017. Winter storms prevented filming for weeks. By the time rain stopped, I learned San Francisco city was removing the north side of the freeway camps where the homeless ‘drug-users’ lived. The south side, the ‘non-drug-users-just-homeless’ side, was visibly frantic about the possibility of losing their much cleaner camps. “…it’s a game,” a man said drinking beer, with his canoe and giant teddy bear.

Chapter 8. ‘Kind Words Conquer.’ I asked people to say, ‘I Love You.’

​ Chapter 9. ‘When Eating the Fruit, Remember the One Who Planted the Tree.’ San Francisco Botanical Gardens, San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco Potrero Seed Library, Shelldance Orchid Gardens.

Chapter 10. ‘I slept on your side of the bed because the pillow smells like you,’ contemplates love and loss in the age of the drone.

Chapter 11. ‘If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing,’ suggests consciousness as path to transformation and change. Filmed at the NODAPL 2016 Berkeley Indigenous Day. Military prints depicting the 300,000 Northern California Indian genocide lined the walls of the hotel where I stayed for the night.



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