Venue Journal


Chapter 6 Drone Drama: Music for the Dead

Ten Asemic Drawings 2016

Crossover 2012 video in Episode 1.3

Bandit Queen 2016 image text

Recuerdo 2012 video

Message4u video 2015 in Episode 1.2 and

Asemic Drawings and Cartoons 2016

Asemic Drawings 2016 at Utsanga Press, Italy,

Fear Don't Knock video 2014 Episode 1.1 or

BoomBoom Room 2015, folding book, Sonic Views Catalogue, Edition Janus, Berlin

Danger Signs collected graphics 2011-2016 @Sein Und Werden

Asemic Writing and Camouflage 2016

Perihelion, State of Emergency, The Nature of Images: 3 Asemic Drawings of Hubris 2016

Three Asemic drawings 2016,

Two Asemic drawings 2016,



Jeju, Conflict at Heritage Sites 2013, print. 2015 American Friends Service Committee touring exhibit 'All Of Us Or None: Responses and Resistance to Militarism.' Jeju was selected for 2016 calendar Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners

The Captain's Boat, Captain Komodo 2015, photography, folding book. 'Sexism: A Touchy Subject,' Catherine Clark curator, Arc Gallery, San Francisco.  Captain Komodo 2015 photograph, prints,

The Image Vanishes 2015, folding book, print.

Mapache: He Who Watches, and Why the Lone Ranger Stole Tonto's Mask 2015, photographs, text.

Graffiti and Guns on the NorCal Coast 2015, photographs, text,

BoomBoom Room 2015, collage, folding book, print.

The Conservator 2014, speculative fiction, Bill Olver Editor.

Apprehension 2015, folding book, collage, print.

WhisperWish and Once Upon A Sign 2008 video, prints.

Electric Landscape 2014, cover print.

Sunset Noir 2012 video

Asemic6, cards, mixed-media.

Field Notes 2015, four prints 7x9in. print, collage, drawing.

Dreamdance 2008, video

Asemic cards, 2015.

how2disappear 2015, gif.

5gifs 2015

Dragon Seed 2014 and Target Practice 2014 Small, folding books, limited edition, collage, drawing, print.

Metamorphozs 2014, photography, digital.



Spot The Clues, Do Your Homework 2014, folding book, photography, digital collage, print. Science, Technology and The Future of Art, 11/2014, Palo Alto, Ca.  Gail Wight curator.

Page Two 2014, folding book, photography, stills.,  SPY Siberia 11/2014, "Graham Greene: The Man Within", Alexander Limarev curator, Novosibirsk University.

Electric Landscape: Ley Lines, Vile Vortices 2014, folding book, collage, painting, print.

Dogs Of War 2013, installation, print. Eyedrum Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia 01/2014

Dogs Of War 2013 print, Air Patrol 2014 painting, Times Square video collage 07/24/2014

Dogs Of War 2013 photography, print,

Notes and Comments 2014, 4 prints, paint,

Art Crime Bulletin 12 covers, 2011-2014 collage, print,

Lost Kingdom 2014, collage, print, watercolor,

Babes, Blackmail, Barrel Bombs 2014, mixed-media,

Albert$ Plaza and $tudy Model$ 2014, Teatrum Diabolorum

Blackmail, mail collaboration, small card books, 2014,

Rancho Noir, photography, 2013,

Random Prints, collaboration, collage,

Fear Don’t Knock, video,

Blue Prints: Privacy Matters, 3 mixed-media collage prints,

Devils Teeth, video,

Discreet Entries, 4 instagram prints, from the series,

Pool #4, flash fiction,!black-chaos/clc2/seinundwerden/summer14/page4.html

Notes and Comments 2014, 4 prints, paint,



El Dorado 2013, video,

Discreet Entries 2013, 9 instagrams, online journal.

Auto De Fe 2013, video.

Untitled4, mixed-media collage.

Conflict @Heritage Sites 2013, print

SpyMasters, Drone War, Guerrilla Camp 2013, print

Club Limpopo 2013, print.

Secret Department 2012-13, print

Monkey Business 2012, fiction, Big Pulp Press.

HELPact 2013, video.

OtherWorldly Mammals 2013, photography,;jsessionid=0BC14CF5DABA311295627241C2B22971  

Dead Mail 2013, print,

Untitled4 2013, mixed-media collage.


Art Crime Bulletin 2011-12 print,

BadLands 2012, video,

Sunset Noir 2012, Violent Sunrise, video and print.

Management Unstrung 2012, print,

Side Trip 2012, video.

Wrangler 2012, video,



Art Crime Bulletin 2011, print.

Art Crime Bulletin 2011, print.

Art Crime Bulletin 2011, print.

7Powers Of Wrath 2011, video,

Selected Famous Album Covers 2011, print,

Meet The Bluffs 2011, video.

PreDawn 2011, video.

Celestial Mechanics 2011, video.

Night Flight 2011, video.

Rock Drawings 2010, drawing, watercolor, pencil.

Wave Stamps archive, cover,

Luna Negra 2010, video.

Sea Fever 2010, video.

Clandestine 2010, video.

Service Charge Included 2010, video.

Cult House 2011, video.

Here Is Where? 2010,  video.

DogMystic 2010, video,

Untitled four images,



Whispers Of A Dying Sun, video,

Little Box, video,

Eat The Night, video,

Tropic Of Danger, video,

Water1 and Chasing Rainbows, video,

Playground Blue, video,

The BodySurfer’s SharkTales, non-fiction,

Yellow NoteBook Caper, video,

Luna Tree, video,

DangerTune, video,

Playing Jeff, video,

Distant Place, video,

Wildfire, fiction

Visible Signs, Woman With A Bag, photographs, Make It New Media,

Not For Long, fiction,

Violent Rendezvous, video,

Wave Drawings,

Untitled, collaboration



Orchid Farm, video

Rogue Con, video

Side Show Kids, video

WonderStrike, video

WildTime, print

Knuckleshop, video, BigPulp



Dream Dance, video, First shown @Litchaos.

Savage Rip, fiction

Shadow, photography

The Wicked Witch Gets Her Wish, video, first shown

Circus Chaos, video

DogMystic, video Grey’s Reef Ocean Film Festival, first shown @The Houston Literary Review

Night Trip, video, first shown @The Houston Literary Review,

Evie’s Red Hair, fiction

Mr. Ed, flash graphic fiction, first shown @The Houston Literary Review

34Fate videos: Hoodoo jinx Spell, Trouble, Fat Chance, and New York Times, first shown @The Houston Literary Review

Hostesses, Salesgirls, Servers, paintings on wood,

Hostesses, Salesgirls, Servers, paintings on wood, Annual Exhibit, Axis Gallery, Sacramento, CA